WILLIAM YORK HAS BEEN A TEACHER, instructional leader, principal and consultant to schools and districts in the United States.  Before turning full-time to smallFEAT, he was Director of Education at the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living.  In 2009, he founded smallFEAT, following a life-long interest in the natural world and environmental issues.  He now works with communities here and abroad to become more sustainable as they shrink their foot print “one small step at a time.

His first job was teaching in an alternative school for students who were “dropping in” having dropped out of previous schools by choice or expulsion.  Since that time he has been involved in numerous progressive education initiatives, always seeking opportunities to create innovative programs and new models for teaching and learning.

He attended Washington University in St. Louis majoring in English Literature and Poetry.  His graduate degrees in Education include a MA Ed. in Curriculum Design from Washington University, and MA Adm. from Providence College in Rhode Island.

For years, he has helped schools in diverse settings develop ideas and approaches to improve educational quality for students.  Will has taught in independent schools, as well as urban, suburban and rural public schools, including many charter schools.  He has presented numerous workshops related to cutting edge topics at national and regional education conferences.

In 2013-14, while a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection/AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador for the Wallkill River Watershed (WMA 2) in Sussex County, NJ, he completed over 1700 hours of service conducting more than 85 presentations, providing environmental education to over 1400 students and engaging communities in over 1600 hours of volunteer involvement through stewardship, riparian restoration projects and educational programs.

Formerly, he served as the Social Media Coordinator for the online radio program, The Green Hour (greenhourradio.com).  He is a member of the Advisory Council for the NJ Alliance for Environmental Education (ANJEE) providing expertise in the areas of community outreach and communication.  Will is also pursuing a graduate certificate in ESL from Rowan University, as he continues to develop programs for Teaching English Language Learners through the Environment (TELL-E).

During his twenty-five years in education, William York has received numerous awards, scholarships and fellowships including the George Newton Excellence in Teaching and Emerson Electric Award for Community Service in Education.  He received scholarships from the St. Louis Center for Holocaust Studies, World of Difference, Facing History and Ourselves, and the Maine Department of Education.  He was a Klingenstein Fellow for summer study at Teachers College, Columbia University, and was selected as a member of the CitiBank/Coalition of Essential Schools National School Reform Faculty in 1991.  In that capacity he worked as a coach/ school change facilitator for districts in Kansas and Missouri before returning to the east coast.

Will now devotes much of his time to developing curricula and programs, volunteering in his community and working for environmental and social justice.  He is an avid sea-kayaker, salt water fisherman and loves being within the ocean’s reach.